#BestInSaaS Breakfast 2018

Thanks for your interest in our free, invitation-only event.

In Season 2, Episode 3 of our #BestInSaaS Breakfast, we will be having coffee and pastries with two leading SaaS experts. The topics are always related to money and metrics – something that is near and dear to entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Past speakers included: Kristina McDougall Founder of Artemis Canada, Ivan Tsarynny Founder & CEO of Feroot, Joseph Fung Co-Founder & CEO of Kiite.

This invitation only extends to 30 senior execs of emerging, local SaaS businesses doing at least $1M in ARR in our tech ecosystem. We are going to keep it small and intimate to make sure knowledge is shared and conversations flow.

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Update: November 19, 2018 Watch this page for LIVE STREAM

Vancouver / Live Stream

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018
8:00am – 10:00am
209 – 415 West Cordova Street, Vancouver

Founders & Co-Founders Therapy Sessions

Keith Spencer is a leading information technology lawyer in British Columbia. As Co-Leader of Fasken Law’s Start-Up & Emerging Company Services group, he provides expert advice to start-up and mature private technology companies. Keith is the recipient of the BC Technology Industry Association’s Bill Thompson Lifetime Achievement Award for his exemplary efforts and his passion for entrepreneurs.

Conversations of Unconventional Exits

Andrew Chau is a co-founder of SkipTheDishes and now Founder and Managing Partner of Harvest Ventures, a Prairie-focused venture builder and fund.

SkipTheDishes started in 2012 in Saskatoon and grew to become Canada’s leading food delivery network with over 110 markets across Canada and the US, 14,000 restaurants, and over 2,000 employees in the Prairies. Skip was acquired in 2016 for $200M in one of Canada’s largest tech exits in 2016.

Having built Skip in the Prairies, Andrew founded Harvest Ventures with the goal of creating more meaningful companies in the Canadian Prairies. Harvest Ventures partners with high-performance entrepreneurs to co-found companies with, providing the resources, support, and funding to scale.

Jayesh Parmar is the CEO and Founder of Picatic which was recently acquired by Eventbrite. He is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of event industry experience and is listed as one of the world’s top 10 Tech Entrepreneurs Disrupting The Event Industry.

Cultivating an environment that focuses on cross-pollination, a pay it forward attitude and a culture that invites the new is what Jayesh is currently striving for. He’s always looking to change the “status quo”.

Bart Copeland has been the CEO and President of ActiveState Software, the Open Source Languages Company, since 2006, and has a passion for building and delivering enterprise solutions that just work. He has been involved in numerous M&A transactions over the years–the most recent being the sale of the ActiveState Stackato Business Unit to Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Bart is also an angel investor who loves the intersection of technology, business, and the enterprise, and working with individuals and teams who have great ideas but need a business mindset/perspective to help them get to the next level. Bart holds an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix and a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of British Columbia.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018
8:30am – 10:30am
The DMZ, Ryerson University
10 Dundas St East, Toronto

Founders & Co-Founders Therapy Sessions with Jeff Dennis of Fasken

Jeff Dennis, who is Fasken Martineau’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Jeff has always been an entrepreneur before he became a lawyer. He is the author of “Lessons from the Edge”, a collection of stories by 50 entrepreneurs of their biggest mistakes in business and the lessons that they have learned. Jeff was also “Profit Magazine’s” entrepreneur in residence and wrote a regular column on topics of interest to entrepreneurs.

Jeff is going to share his knowledge on our topic of “Founders and Co-Founders: Therapy Sessions”. Every startup journey starts with complex relationships with potential that change as the journey weaves, bounces and accelerates to greatness or failure. Jeff’s experience can provide insight on avoiding the pitfalls and focusing on capturing the potential.

Conversations of an unconventional exit with Ruth Casselman of Alert Labs

Ruth Casselman Co-Founder and COO of Alert Labs, who were recently acquired by Watsco Inc – a U.S.-based heating, air conditioning and refrigeration distributor serving more than 250,000 contractors.

Previously at Blackberry for 8 years responsible for crisis communications management, and transitioned to lead the Enterprise and Security public relations team during the new BlackBerry 10 operating system launch.

Ruth and her team were on a conventional startup journey when multiple forks in the road appeared and challenged the organization’s plans and assumptions. She is going to share the challenges, deliberations and conflicting emotions, that made the company’s exit an unconventional one.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018
8:00am – 10:00am
Rego Realty Building (near King and Wellington)
618 King St West, Kitchener

Founders & Co-Founders Therapy Sessions with Jeff Dennis
Conversations of an unconventional exit with Ruth Casselman of Alert Labs