Frictionless SaaS Finance

All entrepreneurs weigh the costs and constraints of both debt and equity. There’s never a clear winner. Equity has a high cost in terms of both dollars and ownership dilution, while debt, if available, restricts a company’s operational flexibility. Revenue Financing is a hybrid form that combines all the “pros” of both equity and debt. We sometimes call it #dequity.

Revenue Financing Overview

Entrepreneurs benefit from the following features:

  • Cash injection up front
  • Retained control & ownership of company
  • Flexible payments scaled to gross revenue
  • Only repay initial capital plus multiple
  • Upside is capped

Do I Qualify?

Is your company a technology or knowledge-based business with:

  • Growing recurring revenues
  • MRR greater than $100K/month or ARR greater than $1M/year
  • Scaling sales model that generates a gross margin of greater than 50%
  • Recognized revenues (invoiced and billing) growing at greater than 20% per year

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