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What is Revenue Financing?

Revenue financing—also known as revenue-based financing—is a type of growth capital provided by TIMIA to a start-up in exchange for a percentage of future revenue.

The payments are tied to monthly revenue, increasing in strong revenue months and decreasing in low-revenue months, until the capital (plus a multiple) is repaid.

Specifically designed for B2B SaaS companies between $2-20million ARR.

"Finding flexible and non-dilutive financing solutions was our goal, and TIMIA provided the capital within a framework that worked for us and our team."

Karl Swannie, CEO

“Having previous fundraising experience, I was looking for an alternative to traditional venture funding” said Mercer. “I wanted to keep all the equity in the company, if possible. Someone suggested I look into revenue and debt-based financing and I came across TIMIA. I’m very happy that this is the direction we’ve chosen.”

Jennifer Mercer, CEO

"At a key stage of our growth, TIMIA Capital invested the cash we needed to accelerate our business. We avoided funding round distractions so we could continue to concentrate on what matters—delivering a great product.”

Stuart McLeod, CEO

"Essentially, we were in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ — we had all this great stuff happening that would have a positive — and hopefully exponential — impact on our revenue, but if we looked at equity financing at that point, we would be dinged in valuation because those opportunities were not productive as yet. And that’s when we discovered the potential of revenue-based funding to close that gap."

Shrad Rao, CEO

"Finding flexible and non-dilutive financing solutions to help us to continue our 40%+ growth is not easy in the software as a service or SaaS sector. We look forward to partnering with TIMIA through the course of our financing facility with them."

Mike Togyi, CEO

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How does Revenue Financing work?

Get an upfront cash injection of up to 6–12 times your current MRR

Repay the loan over 4–8 years

Pay between 1–4% of monthly revenue

Repayment caps of 2x

Is Revenue Financing right for my business?

SaaS-based company

Based in the U.S. or Canada

Generating revenue >$120K MRR

Proven your product-market fit (you have at least 10 clients)

Delivering a gross margin >50%

You don't need to be profitable (but you should have a plan to get you there)

TIMIA Capital provides the best of debt and equity

The way a Venture Capitalist works is they expect a 10x or 100x return on their investment, and they will push companies to get there or fail quickly.

TIMIA is betting you will grow efficiently and generate a modest return while growing a scalable business.

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