Flexible Finance for Your B2B SaaS Company

We provide debt capital to B2B SaaS businesses in the USA and Canada with between $2 and $20 million in ARR. Our flexible financing solutions enable tech entrepreneurs to keep as much equity and control of their business — for as long as possible.

Find Out if You Qualify

Use Cases

  • Extend your runway and delay a raise
  • Refinance your business
  • Reach cash flow positivity
  • Pivot or transition your business model
  • Scale sales and marketing efforts
  • Position for an acquisition


  • Upfront cash injection of $500,000 to $15 million
  • Flexible repayment plans over 2 to 6 year terms
  • Interest only or amortized loans
  • Fixed interest rate, transparent structure, optional balloon payment
  • Retain control and ownership
  • No board seats taken
  • No sponsors required
  • No warrants and no harsh covenants
  • Subordination to a senior lender for a lower blended cost of capital

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TIMIA invests in B2B technology companies that:

    • Have at least $1.5m in annual recurring revenue
    • Have a proven product-market fit (10+ clients)
    • Are delivering gross margin >50%
    • Operate capital efficient SaaS or tech-enabled services businesses
  • TIMIA invests in B2B technology companies based in the U.S. or Canada.

  • Once approved, SaaS companies can qualify for an upfront cash injection of 6-9 times their current MRR.

  • TIMIA offers both interest-only (2 to 3 year term) or amortized (3 to 6 year term) loans. Read more here.


  • Yes, TIMIA is comfortable taking a subordinated position to other lenders.


  • To make the process as seamless as possible, please have the following details handy before scheduling an initial call:

    • Revenue structure/model
    • Annual recurring revenue or monthly recurring revenue
    • Monthly burn rate (Is this less than 50% of MRR?)
    • Annual growth rate
    • Gross margin