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TIMIA Capital invests in recurring revenue technology companies across Canada and the U.S. Let's start the conversation.

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To make the process as seamless as possible, have the following details handy before scheduling the initial call:

  • Revenue structure/model
  • Annual recurring revenue or monthly recurring revenue
  • Monthly burn rate (Is this less than 50% of MRR?)
  • Annual growth rate
  • Gross margin
  • Keep your company

    Retain control of your board, keep all your equity, no personal guarantees or financial covenants.

  • Cash flow is king

    We design the payment structure specifically for your business. That way your growth is not held back by aggressive loan repayment.

  • Who is it for?

    You are a technology company looking to go from $2 - $20 million.

Wagepoint Discovers the Goldilocks Zone of Growth

Shrad Rao
CEO, Wagepoint