How It Works

We take a tailored approach to each business. We have a qualitative and quantitative assessment process that rewards technology companies that best align with TIMIA’s growth capital.

Fleet Hoster Team, McDonough, GA

The Application Process

TIMIA is built on a tech-enabled lending process helps us originate, underwrite, and manage debt capital for technology companies. We guide you through a three-phase risk assessment framework to approve your financing as quickly as possible.

  • Phase One

    The initial credit assessment examines 15 data points including recurring revenue (past 3 months), recurring revenue (past 12 months), gross margin percentage, logo churn, cash burn, debt outstanding, etc.

  • Phase Two

    The second phase involves a deeper analysis of financial metrics. We will send you a monthly metrics sheet to complete with data from the last 24 months. This phase helps us determine if we will present a term sheet, and how we will price and structure the deal.

  • Phase Three

    The final stage comprises a credit scoring process where our due diligence team validates the information provided. After due diligence, the TIMIA Investment Committee meets to review the deal and, if it is approved, the legal documents are circulated and the funding is completed.

Lending Process Timeline

  • ASAP
    Initial call
  • 2-5 Days
    Phase 1: Credit Assessment
  • 1 Week
    Phase 2: Financial Analysis
  • ASAP
    Term Sheet Issued
  • 3 Weeks
    Phase 3: Credit Score
  • 2 Weeks
    Legal Documents
    & Closing

Let’s Get Acquainted!

To make the process as seamless as possible, have the following details handy before scheduling the initial call:

  • Revenue structure/model
  • Annual recurring revenue or monthly recurring revenue
  • Monthly burn rate (Is this less than 50% of MRR?)
  • Annual growth rate
  • Gross margin

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