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TIMIA Capital’s limited partnerships and common shares offer a range of opportunities to invest in recurring revenue technology companies.

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Interest Only

TIMIA’s interest only loans are perfect for companies seeking to grow their valuations before an exit or a venture capital funding round.

Measured Co-Founders, Trevor Testwuide and Madan Bharadwaj
Clariti (BasicGov), Vancouver, BC

Is an Interest Only Loan Right for You?

An Interest Only Loan is generally for companies that just need some cash to take them the final mile to their end goal. These companies typically have greater than $3 million in ARR and reasonable cash burn.

Eligible Companies

Interest Only Loans are tailored based on the specific metrics of your technology company. We offer risk-adjusted pricing to reflect your company’s unique characteristics.

  • Generating
    +$3M ARR
  • Recurring revenue technology businesses
  • Based in U.S. or Canada
  • Proven
    product-market fit
    (10+ clients)
  • Delivering gross margin >50%
  • Capital efficient growth

How Interest Only Loans Work

  • TIMIA has a three-phase proprietary tech-enabled lending process. We work with you to complete the phases quickly.
  • Once approved, get an upfront cash injection of up to 6–12 times your current MRR.
  • Repay the loan over 2-3 years, repayments are interest-only or similar with a balloon payment at the end of the term.
  • Risk adjusted rates between 12-20%
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Benefits of Interest Only Loans

  • Retain ownership and control

    We won’t ask for equity in your company, board seats, or personal guarantees. What’s yours is yours. Period.

  • Low repayments

    Your payments stay low so you’ve time to breathe and focus on your business without worrying about high repayments in the early days.

  • You decide how to spend the capital

    Unlike other lenders, TIMIA doesn’t tell you how to run your business. Spend the growth capital as you wish.

  • We move as fast as you

    Our tech-enabled lending platform expedites our lending processes so you can access 6-12 times your monthly recurring revenue within weeks.

We are a fast-growing SaaS company and we want to maximize the valuation of the business for when we do our next VC round. TIMIA’s investment will allow us to push back our next funding round so we can increase our valuation, protect our equity, and get a better deal for the business in our next venture capital round.

Ashley Leonard
CEO, Syxsense
Ashley Leonard, CEO, Syxsense

We were interested in non-dilutive financing. We researched several vendors but we just liked TIMIA the best. They're very supportive of the business and helpful with introductions throughout the portfolio. You get a lot of extra support, alongside the capital.

Eric Klinker
CEO, Resilio
Eric Klinker, CEO, Resilio

A lot of businesses like ours get themselves in trouble because they bring on a lot of private equity and venture funding. When the time comes for a liquidity event, the employees and entrepreneurs don’t fare too well. We’ve taken a different approach.

Chris Marentis
CEO, Surefire Local
Chris Marentis, CEO, Surefire Local

We were looking at financing options where we didn’t have to give up any board seats or dilute our equity. I discovered TIMIA on LinkedIn and had some really great conversations with Mark in the beginning. As we were going through the discovery process, I found that TIMIA’s investment thesis really described Measured and what we were looking for in a financial partner really described TIMIA. It just felt like a really good fit.

Trevor Testwuide
CEO, Measured
Trevor Testwuide, CEO, Measured

We found revenue financing to be a more founder-friendly method for growth as it means we don’t have to give away large chunks of our business. There is great DNA in a revenue financing partner as they encourage good business practices. We’ve gained a partner who encourages us to grow wisely versus a partner who throws money, encourages unwise spending, and creates pressure to grow at an unsustainable rate.

Dustin Yoder
Founder and CEO, Sureify
Founder and CEO, Sureify

Is an Interest Only Loan Right for You?

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