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In the technology industry, there isn’t a loud voice for the bootstrapping community. Too much emphasis is placed on funding rounds and growth at all costs.

This eBook focuses on the road less travelled (or more travelled but less talked about)— growing your SaaS company with customer cash. It discusses ways entrepreneurs can build strategies to finance their startup with paying customers, especially in the early days.

We researched and interviewed a host of founders who have seen tremendous success building their SaaS businesses by reinvesting revenue from paying customers. This helped them to grow sustainably, build processes from the ground up, and—most importantly—keep equity in their business and retain control of their own destinies.

This guide outlines some key methods used by these organizations to achieve incredible growth with little or no angel or venture capital investment.

Watch the webinar

Watch our 45-minute webinar to hear from entrepreneurs who have built multi-million dollar businesses while avoiding taking on venture capital.

What you’ll learn from our panel:

  • How they keep their focus on value creation, not funding rounds
  • How their growth strategy drives the financing requirements
  • What metrics they live and die by
  • How they build their team and prioritize hiring
  • Tips for remaining capital-efficient when you’re growing

Our speakers

  • Jennifer Mercer
    CEO, Metazoa
  • Mike Anderson
    CEO, Echosec
  • Dustin Yoder
    CEO, Sureify