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Introducing Montfort Capital — TIMIA’s New Parent Company
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Introducing Montfort Capital — TIMIA’s New Parent Company

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Monique Morden
Monique Morden

We’re very excited to announce that Montfort is open for business! ​​TIMIA is evolving and launching a parent company, Montfort.

An evolution of TIMIA Capital’s private credit business, Montfort reflects our management team’s recent expansion and innovation in new private credit sectors. Including some pending acquisitions, the business will have more than tripled in size in the past year to over $450 million in assets.

Montfort manages a diversified and growing family of specialized private credit brands.

Montfort’s mission is to create value for investors by leveraging our experienced management teams and advanced tech-enabled lending platform to provide private debt capital to growing businesses through a group of investment companies, including TIMIA Capital, Pivot Financial, Brightpath Capital, and other pending acquisitions. 

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Did TIMIA get acquired?

No. TIMIA’s executive team is launching a parent company, Montfort Capital, and renamed our public company to reflect the name of the new parent company. TIMIA Capital will remain as a specialty finance lender operating in the technology space.

Why did TIMIA expand into other lending businesses?

TIMIA’s model — combining the domain expertise of our management team with advanced technology including our tech-enabled lending platform — has proven to be a huge success with entrepreneurs and investors alike. As such, it made sense to replicate it across other markets and opportunities. 

Why did TIMIA create a parent company?

TIMIA was established in 2015 as a private credit lender in the technology space. With our recent diversification and the acquisition of Pivot Financial, Brightpath Capital, and other acquisitions pending, we wanted to avoid confusing our various stakeholders (entrepreneurs, investors, shareholders, etc.).

Montfort will operate as the parent company for a group of private credit brands that will operate in distinct markets. TIMIA will continue to focus solely on lending to the technology space. 

Is my debt facility still with TIMIA or is it now with Montfort?

Your debt facility remains unchanged.

Will my points of contact at TIMIA remain the same?

Yes. Your team at TIMIA will remain exactly the same. Some of our leadership team may have a change of title to reflect their move to the Montfort parent company but it doesn’t change their relationship with you or our service agreements.

Does this change TIMIA’s business model? 

No. We’re still the same entrepreneur and technology-focused company we’ve always been.

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