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TIMIA Capital’s unique fintech platform helps us locate the ideal companies for our portfolio in an efficient way to maximize returns to our limited partners.

Limited Partnership Stock

TIMIA Capital provides growth capital to recurring revenue technology businesses.

Why invest in TIMIA?
TIMIA Capital Corporation has developed a proprietary loan origination platform that services private market, high-yield loan opportunities, thereby earning recurring fees and a share of the profit. While focusing on the fast growing, global, business-to-business Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) segment, TIMIA’s automated loan origination system is applicable to multiple technology sectors, it creates scalable and profitable growth for TIMIA’s stakeholders.

TIMIA is uniquely positioned for investors in that it offers multiple ways to invest in the company.

A Look at the Numbers

Since our 2015 inception, TIMIA has carefully selected investments and seen substantial growth.

  • 52
  • $157m
    Loan facilities written
  • 27
    Successful early
  • >19%
    Internal rate of

Limited Partnerships

TIMIA Capital’s limited partnership is an income-producing opportunity to invest in technology portfolio with capital growth potential. The portfolio primarily comprises recurring revenue B2B SaaS companies based in North America.

Our limited partnership has a six-year fund life and its objectives are to provide investors with monthly cash returns, and to increase the unit value both by managing the current assets and by investing in new companies.

The portfolio’s management team has garnered an impressive track record of consistently delivering predictable, above-average yields to our investors. We have already completed our first close of $7.5 million on our latest limited partnership. Our fund targets for 2020 are:

  • +20% IRR
  • +12% Annual Returns
  • X Limited Partnerships

Stock Information

Our parent company, Montfort is publicly traded on the TSX:V and OTC Markets.

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Meet Our Team

Our management and executive team comprises technology finance experts as well as former entrepreneurs and angel investors.

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