Proven strategies to reduce SaaS customer churn
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Proven strategies to reduce SaaS customer churn

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Monique Morden
Monique Morden
Anna Talerico and Kasey Bayne

Did you miss the churn webinar with Anna Talerico and Kasey Bayne?

In this one hour webinar for founders, you’ll learn about:

  • The people, processes and playbook to reduce churn
  • How to recognize the warning signs before churn happens
  • How to make your product “stick” and increase engagement
  • Onboarding and training to help your customers get the most from your solution
  • What’s worked, and what hasn’t for other SaaS companies
  • What to do when it seems like nothings working

Anna Talerico

SaaS growth advisor at Beacon9. Co-founder SaaSX. Sales, customer success, company culture and capital-efficiency.


Kasey Bayne

Passionate about marketing, tech, and helping businesses grow, Kasey is a veteran SaaS marketing leader. With over a decade of marketing experience, she’s spent time building marketing and sales channels at FreshBooks, Olark Live Chat, Redstamp and other companies across Canada and the US, focusing on building the best possible customer experience.




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