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TIMIA's Amortized loans are similar to revenue-based financing. They are unique non-dilutive loans perfect for recurring (or repeat) revenue technology businesses since the repayments start low and increase over time as your revenue grows.

Lasso MD, San Diego, CA
Wagepoint, Atlanta, GA

Is an Amortized Loan Right for You?

TIMIA’s amortizing loans are ideal for bootstrapped or lightly capitalized companies looking to grow their business without dilution. They can be used to fuel growth with sales and marketing, fund the cost of customer acquisition, buy out tired investors, build valuations, or acquire another company.

Eligible Companies

Each loan is tailored based on the specific metrics of your technology company. We offer risk-adjusted pricing to reflect your company’s unique characteristics.

  • Generating
    $2M-20M ARR
  • Recurring revenue technology businesses
  • Based in U.S. or Canada
  • Proven
    product-market fit
    (10+ clients)
  • Delivering gross margin >50%

How an Amortized Loan Works

  • TIMIA has a three-phase proprietary tech-enabled lending process. We work with you to complete the phases quickly.
  • Once approved, get an upfront cash injection of up to 6–12 times your current MRR.
  • Repay the loan over 3-6 years, repayments grow as your revenue increases.
  • Risk adjusted rates between 12-20%
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Benefits of Revenue Financing

  • Retain ownership and control

    We won’t ask for equity in your company, board seats, or personal guarantees. What’s yours is yours. Period.

  • Flexible repayment plans

    Your payments grow as your ARR grows so you’ve time to breathe and focus on your business without worrying about high repayments in the early days.

  • You decide how to spend the capital

    Unlike other lenders, TIMIA doesn’t tell you how to run your business. Spend the growth capital as you wish.

  • We move as fast as you

    Our tech-enabled lending platform expedites our lending processes so you can access 6-12 times your monthly recurring revenue within weeks.

If there is an equity round, we'll be in a better negotiation spot. If there isn't an equity round, we'll be in a better position for an exit or M&A. Either way we'll be in better shape with TIMIA than we would have been otherwise.

Eric Klinker
CEO, Resilio
Eric Klinker, CEO, Resilio

Having previous fundraising experience, I was looking for an alternative to traditional venture funding. I wanted to keep all the equity in the company, if possible. Someone suggested I look into revenue-based financing and I came across TIMIA. I’m very happy that this is the direction we’ve chosen.

Jennifer Mercer
CEO, Metazoa

Finding flexible and non-dilutive financing solutions to help us to continue our 40%+ growth is not easy in the software as a service or SaaS sector. We look forward to partnering with TIMIA through the course of our financing facility with them.

Mike Togyi
CEO, BasicGov

A lot of businesses like ours get themselves in trouble because they bring on a lot of private equity and venture funding. When the time comes for a liquidity event, the employees and entrepreneurs don’t fare too well. We’ve taken a different approach.

Chris Marentis
CEO, Surefire Local
Chris Marentis, CEO, Surefire Local

Essentially, we were in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ — we had all this great stuff happening that would have a positive — and hopefully exponential — impact on our revenue, but if we looked at equity financing at that point, we would be dinged in valuation because those opportunities were not productive as yet. And that’s when we discovered the potential of revenue-based funding to close that gap.

Shrad Rao
CEO, Wagepoint

Is an Amortized Loan Right for You?

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