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We provide non-dilutive growth capital to growing recurring revenue technology businesses. Our alternative financing solutions enable founders to keep as much equity in their business for as long as possible.

Wagepoint, Atlanta, GA
TIMIA Capital Team

A Fresh Alternative to
Venture Capital

TIMIA Capital provides growth capital loans to growing recurring revenue technology companies. We use a proprietary tech-enabled lending platform to streamline our processes so you can quickly access the capital you need to meet your business objectives.

Our team has a diverse range of experience in tech financing and entrepreneurialism so you can rest assured we’ll keep the best interests of your business front-and-center.

Financing That Fits

Our revenue based facilities are tailored based on the specific metrics of each technology company we work with. Whether it’s an Amortized or Interest Only loan, we offer risk-adjusted pricing to reflect your company’s unique characteristics.

What You Can Expect

Get Funded
  • Upfront cash injection
    $500k - $5million
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • No board seats taken
  • Retained control and ownership of the company
  • Fixed interest rate, transparent structure, optional balloon
  • No warrants and no harsh covenants

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TIMIA Capital invests in recurring revenue technology companies across Canada and the U.S.

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Some of our impressive stats from over the years

  • $83m
    Loan Facilities Written
  • 35
    Portfolio companies since 2015
  • 14
    Successful early exits
  • 57%
    Average portfolio company revenue growth year over year

We’re nice to work with

Our team comprises a well-rounded blend of financial services experts and entrepreneurs. We know what it’s like to sit on your side of the table, which is why founders like to work with us.

Having previous fundraising experience, I was looking for an alternative to traditional venture funding. I wanted to keep all the equity in the company, if possible. Someone suggested I look into revenue-based financing and I came across TIMIA. I’m very happy that this is the direction we’ve chosen.

Jennifer Mercer
CEO, Metazoa

Finding flexible and non-dilutive financing solutions was our goal, and TIMIA provided the capital within a framework that worked for us and our team. We look forward to working with TIMIA going forward as a financial partner.

Karl Swannie
CEO, Echosec

TIMIA’s investment is simply cheaper capital. There are equity firms who would happily give us more money right now. But because of the low valuation they would offer, the cost of capital would be enormous in the medium- to long-term.

Chris Marentis
CEO, Surefire Local

TIMIA Capital Provides the Best of Debt and Equity

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