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TIMIA Capital specializes in offering flexible growth capital to technology companies with recurring revenue models. Throughout our journey we encounter many ambitious companies that don’t currently all meet our criteria for debt financing.

This is where our Resource Network — and your expertise — comes into play.

We believe that your services could greatly benefit these companies, helping them enhance their business metrics and operational efficiency.

Join our referral network to position yourself as a preferred service provider and amplify your visibility within our niche ecosystem of technology companies.

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Use Cases

  • Extend your runway and delay a raise
  • Refinance your business
  • Reach cash flow positivity
  • Pivot or transition your business model
  • Scale sales and marketing efforts
  • Position for an acquisition

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TIMIA invests in B2B technology companies that:

    • Have at least $1.5m in annual recurring revenue
    • Have a proven product-market fit (10+ clients)
    • Are delivering gross margin >50%
    • Operate capital efficient SaaS or tech-enabled services businesses
  • TIMIA invests in B2B technology companies based in the U.S. or Canada.

  • Once approved, SaaS companies can qualify for an upfront cash injection of 6-9 times their current MRR.

  • TIMIA offers both interest-only (2 to 3 year term) or amortized (3 to 6 year term) loans. Read more here.


  • Yes, TIMIA is comfortable taking a subordinated position to other lenders.


  • To make the process as seamless as possible, please have the following details handy before scheduling an initial call:

    • Revenue structure/model
    • Annual recurring revenue or monthly recurring revenue
    • Monthly burn rate (Is this less than 50% of MRR?)
    • Annual growth rate
    • Gross margin