We Help B2B Software Founders Keep Equity in Their Business

TIMIA Capital provides access to founder-friendly, non-dilutive growth capital.

Non-Dilutive Alternatives to Venture Capital

TIMIA Capital provides growth capital to B2B software startups. Our alternative financing solutions enable founders to keep as much equity in their business for as long as possible.

Our finance offerings include Revenue Financing (also known as revenue-based financing) and Springboard loans.

Our Loan Benefits

  • Upfront cash Injection
  • Flexible repayment plans, low pay in early years
  • No board seats taken
  • No warrants, harsh covenants, or personal guarantees
  • Only repay initial capital plus multiple; the upside is capped
  • Retained control and ownership of the company

TIMIA's Financing Works for Founders!

Last year, our portfolio companies grew at an average rate of 54% year over year.

Flexible, Founder-Friendly Financing

Our revenue facilities are tailored based on the specific metrics of each software company we work with. Whether it’s a Revenue Financing or Springboard loan, we offer risk-adjusted pricing to reflect each company’s unique characteristics.

Having previous fundraising experience, I was looking for an alternative to traditional venture funding. I wanted to keep all the equity in the company, if possible. Someone suggested I look into revenue-based financing and I came across TIMIA. I’m very happy that this is the direction we’ve chosen.

Jennifer Mercer
CEO, Metazoa

Finding flexible and non-dilutive financing solutions was our goal, and TIMIA provided the capital within a framework that worked for us and our team.

Karl Swannie
CEO, Echosec

TIMIA’s investment has helped us accelerate our path to profitability – our company valuation will skyrocket once we’re profitable so the sooner we get there, the better.

Gary Cohen
CEO, Cova

We were looking at financing options where we didn’t have to give up any board seats or dilute our equity. I found that TIMIA’s investment thesis really aligned with Measured and what we were looking for in a financial partner.

Trevor Testwuide
CEO, Measured

We cast a wide net at first, but TIMIA was the clear leader. The real differentiator for TIMIA was that the team really understood that the capital should be used to support growth.

Matt Caywood
CEO, Transit Screen

Eligible Companies

  • Generating $2M-20M ARR
  • Recurring revenue B2B SaaS or software-enabled businesses
  • Based in North America
  • Proven product-market fit (10+ clients)
  • Delivering gross margin >60%
TIMIA Capital Team

About TIMIA Capital

TIMIA Capital offers flexible debt solutions to capital efficient B2B SaaS and software-enabled companies generating $2 to $20 million in annual recurring revenue. Our non-dilutive financing solutions complement or replace an equity round and provide access to a large amount of capital to help companies accelerate growth while retaining ownership and control of their business.

TIMIA Capital provides the best of debt and equity

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