TIMIA launches a new parent company: Montfort
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TIMIA Capital’s limited partnerships and common shares offer a range of opportunities to invest in recurring revenue technology companies.

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    • Let’s get to know each other

      To start our partnership off on solid footing and avoid wasting anyone’s time down the line, let’s get to know each other early on.

      During this short questionnaire, you’ll be asked questions about your company, SaaS metrics, customers, and capital requirements. You’ll also be introduced to our team along the way!

      Note that your answers don’t have to be exact—use ballpark figures if you need to. You can also rest assured that we take data privacy very seriously and will never share your data without your explicit permission.

      Once we determine there’s a good fit and we’re aligned for a successful long-term relationship, we will arrange a meeting to discuss your SaaScore. Stay tuned!

      Rob Foxall
      Rob Foxall
      VP, Origination

      When Rob’s not hunting the perfect powder days, he’s got a sharp eye for emerging SaaS companies.