2024 Venture Debt Playbook

Your guide to debt financing strategies for the sustainable growth of your tech business.

Cover for TIMIA Captial's 2024 Venture Debt Playbook

In recent years, the tech finance landscape has witnessed significant shifts, from a flood of venture capital and soaring tech valuations during the pandemic to the dramatic downfall of SVB and the subsequent venture capital deceleration.

With changing economic conditions, debt financing emerges as a powerful alternative for tech startups. It offers a pathway to drive business growth while preserving equity and maintaining control.

This ebook dives into the nuances of debt financing, offering insights, strategies, and practical advice to navigate a successful loan application.

What You’ll Learn:


  • The differences between various debt financing options — and their unique pros and cons
  • How to prepare for a successful debt financing application, distinctly different from the VC funding approach
  • Effective strategies to manage and service your debt, ensuring the financial health of your company